Friday, June 8, 2012

One Lovely Blog

Tuesday: 1 mile. I actually ran/jogged more than I had been. I would walk 1 minute and jog for 30 seconds consistently. When I was walking, I had the treadmill set to an incline. It was a good workout!

Wednesday: Celebrated National Running Day with 1 mile on the treadmill with some running bursts. :) It was a good one. Got it down first thing in the morning and out of the way. Already felt so accomplished!

Thursday: I walked a lot, running errands, doing shopping etc. That counts right?

I was given the "One Lovely Blog" Award by Christine over at Dream Big Runner. Here are the seven things I would like to share. Not any random 7 things I pull out of the air, but 7 pregnancy-related things I didn't know or have experienced.

1. Friends seemed to like to put their hands on my belly when we take pictures. It's oddishly adorable in a good way.

2. Some concerned people around me are worried about me running. I really appreciate their concerns. But it gets a little "old" when I receive text messages or emails from concerned folks whenever I mentioned a run on Facebook. I have cut back like 90% of my runs in distance, intensity, and frequency. If only they read my blog. Then they will know what I am doing. I'm just staying a little active, move a little. And I am really taking it easy. Trust me, I am not the kind to let pride or stubbornness affect the baby.

3. On that note, people are worried about me carrying heavy things. At our local grocery store, there is a bagger who bags the grocery and then, would help load the groceries into your vehicle. I have always been doing that myself. It makes no sense to have someone help me when they could be helping an elderly person or to have them get out in the cold/heat. But on a recent trip to the grocery store where I bought a gallon milk and a gallon OJ and a few other items, the cashier lady insisted that someone help me load the groceries. Since she is a good bit older, I acquiesce. Rest assured. I am not lifting anything that is too too heavy. I have read that anything under 25 lbs is still ok.

4. Random people and friends have been hazarding a guess on my baby's gender. Most people tell me I am having a boy.

5. Being pregnant gives your perks! Other than people insisting they carry stuff for me, they are also giving me free stuff! The lady boss at a Mexican restaurant where I usually frequent for lunch gave me a free cheese dip. And yesterday,  the boss of an Indian restaurant gave me a mango lassi for free to "celebrate a happy special occasion." He also told me this, "You are having a boy!"

6. I am going through a 24-pack of water like nobody's business. I bought the big gallon jug to help cut down on plastic. But I find that I am not drinking as much than when I was just drinking out of a bottle. So it is back to the bottle.

7. The water seems to be doing wonders for my skin. It looks like the pores have gotten smaller.

I am supposed to tag some people too. But instead of tagging them, why don't you tell me at least one thing about yourself?


  1. awww, i love those pictures with hands on the belly!

    so one thing about myself.....(u know its going to be wedding related, right...)...1. im more excited about my honeymoon than my wedding. hahah. 2. im excited to change my last name. right now i have a long polish last name that nobody can pronounce, but the bf has a 'regular' english name, so im excited to have a name that people can pronounce.
    3. i hate the term fiance, we still use bf and gf.

    ok, so that is 3 not one, but its ok, right?

    have a good weekend!

    1. I love it! The more the merrier! Where are you going for your honeymoon?

  2. Enjoy your pregnancy. It's a wonderful, special time!

    One thing about myself...not very creative, but...I've never been a night owl. For the past several years, on New Year's eve, we've celebrated with the eastern time zone (two hours earlier from us) at 10pm because I can't stay up much later than that no matter how hard I try!

  3. I am with you on the exercise thing! My running group is starting up again soon (I will be joining the walkers) and my mom asks, "are you really going to do that, is it safe?" everything I have heard/read says staying active is better than sitting on the couch all day!

    My one thing is pregnancy related too: I have had zero morning sickness and I am SO thankful for that. Also, I wish I was showing already so I could get free stuff! ;D

    1. I am thankful that I didn't have morning sickness either, other than the few times when certain food at a school's cafeteria made me a little nauseous.

      Happy walking. Just be sure that you are in good company, have your phone with you, take breaks if you have to, and hydrate well. I pay a lot of attention on breathing well during walking.

    2. Great suggestions! :D Thanks!

  4. I hated people touching my belly. HATED it. But I definitely took advantage of people carrying stuff for me, even when I knew I was perfectly capable of doing it myself. I figured I might as well enjoy it while it lasted. :)

    You're looking good! Keep it up!

  5. Interesting stuff about being pregnant. My sister always said, I'm pregnant not sick! Everybody treated her like she couldn't do a thing! So glad your pregnancy is going well. Will you find out the gender of the baby before?

  6. Let people carry things for you! That's a huge perk. DO you have pregnant woman parking in your area? I loved that too!


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