Monday, June 18, 2012

Ooh What A Week!

I started last week pretty good with the walking on the treadmill on Monday and Tuesday, and then, for the remainder of the week, oops!

Monday + Tuesday: Walked on treadmill for at least 1 mile each day.

Wednesday: While I didn't walk on the treadmill per se, I went shopping with the boyfriend's aunts (one of them is in her 70s) and cousins. Oh my! We had a grand time and it involved A LOT of walking. We started the day at 7:40 a.m. and I didn't get home until 12:30 a.m. We ate during lunch and during dinner (which was just a sandwiches and salads and some onion rings). And walked. Walked. Walked. That counts for something, right? I was pooped when I got home.

These are some of the Baby C's first items. They were a gift from the aunts and cousins.
We still don't know the gender yet. :)

  Thursday: We went to pick 20 lbs of peaches at the orchard. And a few pounds of blackberries. I am too short to pick peaches. I just can't reach the ripe ones up in the tree.
These peaches are called Red Havens. They have such an awesome peach smell. And tasted so peachy.
So juicy. And there is a light blush on them. So pretty!

Friday: We went to pick over 6 lbs of plums and over 6 lbs of blackberries. I spent the day prepping the peaches and plums and blackberries for the freezer. I know I will be a happy girl come winter time when I have all these fresh fruits. Baby C will also get a taste of his/her hard labor!
After peeling and pitting the peaches. I made a light syrup to freeze with the peaches.

In freezer bags, ready to go into the freezer.
Saturday: Was going to walk the dog or on the treadmill. Turned out I went to an estate sale/auction out in the country with the boyfriend. There were lots of woodworking tools and the boyfriend needed to get a few things for the company. I actually had a "health scare" there. It was looking to be a hot day. I managed to find a good shady spot with a nice chair to sit, while waiting for the boyfriend to bid on the stuff. I bought a bottle of water. After that, I bought a can of Diet Coke cos' they had ran out of water. I tried to keep myself from getting too hot/dehydrated. We left the house in a hurry so I didn't grab anything for breakfast. Anyway, about a little after noon, I started feeling faint. My fingers and toes were kinda numb. I felt my lips quivered and my nose kinda twitched and my eyelids were kinda fluttering. I think that's a low blood sugar incident (I have never experienced that before.) A pop tart and some milk helped the situation. But man, I was worried! Lesson Learned: Your body just ISN'T quite the same pre-preggo.  Anyway, once we got home, I just rested. His dad and stepmom and brother came over to visit. We chatted, had supper, had to make a peach pie. And before too long, it was time to go to bed. 
How about some peach pie made with fresh peaches we picked?

Sunday: This day, I missed my dad. I remembered spending last year's Father's Day with my dad and family. We went out to eat and had yummy ice cream over waffles. It stinks that I wasn't back in Singapore this year to spend father's day with him. 
My dad, mom, and my brother in 2011.
We were having ice cream after our Father's Day dinner.

This week, I just want to revert back to my walking on the treadmill. And reading my book. And nesting at home. I am going to check out some pregnant exercises I can do on Youtube too.


  1. I'm glad you are feeling better again. Those gifts look so cute! Can't wait to know the gender!!!

  2. Fresh peaches are the best! Those are cute little gifts for the baby.

  3. you're quite the domesticated one - look at you freezing peaches! i'm envious!!


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