Friday, June 29, 2012

This Is How We Do Romance

Monday and Tuesday: No run. Busy with peaches.

Wednesday: 2 miles on the treadmill. Mile 1 at 3 mph, Mile 2 at 3.2 mph. Increase incline by 0.5 every 2 minutes

Thursday: No run (again!!) Finished reading the book about the Green River serial killer. Tackled mountains of paperwork in the study. I'm once again able to see the top of the my desk.

Reorganized a few of my filing system.
This is the "before" picture.

Friday:  I feel like I have to show-off here because I did this today.
It has been a while since I did all three miles at one time. Walking is quite mind-numbingly slow.
I must also add that I walked with 5-lb dumb bells in each hand, working on the biceps and triceps.

Today's temperature was 108 degrees. Too hot. I am so ready for fall and winter to be here.

I went to the library to return Ann Rule's Green River Running Red.
And I had a sighting! 
Little people going to the library. 
This brought a smile to my face. 

This is what I am loving these days. 
Sandwich with avocado and cucumber slices and some sliced ham. 
I love the avocado in the sandwiches. 
The green makes me happy! 
Have you ever added avocado to your sandwiches? 
What's your favorite combination?

Lastly, after feeding myself, I fed the sourdough starter. 
I just hope I didn't overfeed or starve this baby. 
I bought this starter as a birthday present for my boyfriend. 
Yeah. This is how we do romance here. 
"Hey sweetheart. Here's some wild yeast and bacteria for your birthday!" 
What's the "weirdest" present you have gifted your significant other?


  1. My husband bought me new tires :). That is his style of romance!

  2. I LOVE avocado on sandwiches! When I lived in Mexico we had it on everything! My fave is on a toasted tuna sandwich! Yummo!

    Weirdest present...hmmm...a little glass penguin figurine. No clue why, I think we had only been together a short time and I remembered him saying he liked penguins and I saw it and bought it. He probably thought I was nuts. LOL

  3. Yeah good job on the 3 miles!!!

  4. 108.....108........108......I can't get past that.

  5. Those temps! It makes everything a challenge! That is a weird present, but it shows how well you know each other!

  6. The best gift he has ever given me...a garden weasel for Valentine's Day. It was even red :-)

  7. We didn't think it was that weird, but I got my husband a big gift basket of cheeses for our anniversary one year. It sort of started as a joke, wondering what the traditional anniversary gift was for that year, and he said, "Probably something cheesy." The idea was planted in my brain, and I got him a big load of cheese. Yum!

    1. My boyfriend would love it if I got him a basket full of cheese!


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