Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ramblings of a once-cool chick

(Hang my head in shame)
Hi again.

(Hang my head in shame again). 

My goodness. It has been months since I last wrote anything. I had a lot of drafts sitting but I haven't finished writing anything.  I doubted myself about sharing, thinking "surely they don't care to know what my baby did" or "that's just a 15-minute walk around the block that is so not worth mentioning."

Where have I been? Just staying busy with work and the little man and keeping the home front under control.
A few days ago, I posted something like this on my Facebook status: This whole being-a-mom thing is kinda hard.  It is hard when the man of the house keeps long crazy hours at work and when I have a full-time job myself to keep.  I am still trying to keep afloat.  Some days I feel like I am sinking. Honestly. No bueno.

So what have you guys been missing?
  1. Little man is already 1 year and 6 months old. He loves everything tractor and dog. 
  2. Did I mention I got married to my baby's daddy? Yep. Sure did. 
  3. I haven't been logging in the miles like I did before. But I try to stay moving (more on that). 
  4. Been to the doctor for various little things. It's like I am a old-ish car that needed some servicing to put together the nuts and screws and bolts together. 
  5. I have been playing hand bells at church. And performing in front of people. And I don't know how to read music. Yep. Dangerous right? 
Life is on the fast pace. 
And when bedtime rolls around for the little one, I am exhausted myself too. 

I still want to blog. And feel connected to this world - my world before I became a mom. Seems like y'all always know the right words to help a friend out.  I love being a mom to my sweet boy. I love being a wife to a strong, hardworking man.  But sometimes, I kinda miss my somewhat cool self. :)
Maybe this will help?

Ok. I am rambling.


  1. Hello! I understand exactly what you're saying here. I've been a single mom for going on nine years now. Life gets easier as the kid gets older And you're able to find that old you again. But babies And marriage are a blessing. I'm terrified of getting married because I'm afraid of losing the old me. But you really gain not lose!:)cheers! Its good to hear from you! Blogging is time consuming. I understand that. You'll find your balance!

    1. Gonna strike that perfect balance :)
      Thank you for being patient.

  2. HEY, YOU!!! I'm just getting back to blogging (and hopefully eventually running), too, and I was so glad to see your blog is active. If you like blogging, blog. It doesn't have to be about running. We DO want to hear what the little man is up to, and we DO want to hear about the mundane details of your life. I love seeing the pictures and reading the updates on Facebook. It seems a few little bits and pieces would translate nicely to blog posts.

    -Christina in Cincinnati

    1. Thank you Christina! :)
      Your little man is growing up!!!!!!

  3. Glad to see you back! :) Mommyhood is hard, I agree. Keep up the walking and it will all come back! Congrats on the marriage!

    1. You are an inspiration Jessica! I love your just keep going and just keep doing attitude!!!
      I am hoping that will rub off on me a little!

  4. Soo glad you are back blogging! I also questioned blogging lately. With the arrival of the little one I want to make sure my family is #1 and wondered why wasting time online. But then I was thinking about all the nice bloggers and how supportive they are. And some of them are real friends now :) Never forget our weekend in Little Rock, so this keeps me blogging. Yes, my blog is more a family blog now and I use it more as a diary, but people who care about you will patiently listen to your family stories and your 15 min/mile runs. Can't wait to read more blog posts!!!

    1. I am glad you are my real-life friend now! :)
      Little Rock half marathon will do down as the BEST, most FUN race I will ever ran!

  5. I've been a little MIA myself, but I like reading about your running, your family life and just everyday things. My blog hasn't ever been just fitness, and perhaps that's why. So I say share whatever is on your mind. We love to read.


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