Sunday, May 18, 2014

Workout Plan For The Week

Thank you!!!
Y'all always know what to say! Thanks for all the encouragement and comments you left on my last post!  I'm going to try my best. :) 


Ok. In the workout arena, I am so out of shape. I want to post a weekly challenge for me. So I can just keep doing that workout for the whole week. Mommy brain has rendered me useless thinking up cool, fun, varied, constantly challenging workout goals. 

Last week, I was on the Internet trying to find some challenging workouts that I can do at home with little to no equipment.  I found this circuit workout and I started doing the exercises.  Since I am terribly out of shape (well, technically, round is a shape, and I am round), I didn't pushed myself to and beyond the limits. This week, my intention is to do this circuit 4 times, at least 5 days week, hoping that each time I do, my timing is better. 

Beginner Workout breakdown:
1. Bodyweight Squat - 10 reps followed by 3 Burpees
2. Backward lunge into Squat - 10 reps followed by 3 Burpees
3. Backward lunge into Squat (other leg) - 10 reps followed by 3 Burpees
4. Side Lunge - 10 reps followed by 3 Burpees
5. Side Lunge (other leg) - 10 reps followed by 3 Burpees

This is by far the easiest way for me to sneak in some exercises. I have tried waking up at 5 am to sneak in a run on the treadmill, but somehow, my sweet little man seems to have placed a sensor chip under my skin that alerts him when I am not in bed with him. (Yes. He sleeps with us. And I am not going to change that anytime soon.)
Running on the treadmill when he is awake is asking for trouble. 
Planking sometimes becomes an invitation for him to giddy up and ride the momma horse. 
So, I am hoping this circuit training will stick with me :)
I will report back! :) 


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  1. I am such a fan of Zuzka's I subscribe to her website, I keep thinking I should drop it, but in the end I never do. I really love her. I am going through her summer abs series right now. You can find old workouts of hers at for free too if you are interested.

    Welcome back to blogging .. :)


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