Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Weekend Recap: Swimmin' and Stylin'

We had a busy Memorial Day long weekend! :)

But first, let's talk work out.
The plan was to do 5 days of that circuit training. I did 3 days. I had forgotten that my fitness level is deep down in the abyss. I was sore and needed a day or so to kinda work its kinks out.
The plan was to do 4 rounds of each circuit. I did about 3 rounds of it. I stopped a few times to catch a breather. I stopped to throw a ball. I stopped to read a book about trucks.
Not in the plan, but I did swim some in the pool. I just swam laps (the breadth of the pool, not the length) until I was out of breath, paused, and continued again. My back and shoulders had a good workout. Sore!
So this week, I am going to continue the same circuit training (3 days, and attempt 4 rounds). And I am hoping I would just throw 1 run/walk in during the week. 

Here's how my long weekend unfolded.
My husband surprised me with flowers. Roses were everywhere. A large vase full of it on the dining room table. A smaller vase on the coffee table. And two little vases on the kitchen window sill. It was a pretty sight. I don't like him spending ridiculous amount of money on me. So this picking the flowers from somewhere is right down my alley.

I went for a swim with my Sugar Pie Honey Bun. :) This isn't his first rodeo, but it is this summer. He was a little apprehensive. But toward the end of the day, he was comfortable and was able to just walk around in the wading pool (with me in it) without the floating thing.
I also swam some laps. 

We visited and had lunch with family. Sugar Pie Honey Bun put his feet into his cousin's rain boots. 

I have this week and the next before I get out for summer break! I have a few things planned for my baby and me while his dad works to bring home the bacon.

Hope you guys have had a good Memorial Day weekend.
I am looking forward to a good week.


  1. We had a great long weekend as well. Celebrated our anniversary at a local winery- wine tasting and picnic. Loved it!!!

  2. Nice that you enjoyed the long weekend


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