Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Plan

Now that #3 is done, here's a line up of what's to happen for the rest of this week and next.
I'm not going to try running. I'm going to completely stop running for a week or two and not worry about it.
I will continue with stretching and yoga and going to the classes at the Y and riding my bicycle.  And dabble in some swimming too. 
Then, I will come back and start running and building up a base.  I will be back stronger and maybe, a tad faster, and definitely smarter about training and staying injury free.

In other news, I just lost 2 "followers" ...
I wonder why? 

I will continue to write. Stay tune.
And thanks for not "unfollow" me...


  1. I always wonder why I lose followers. Who knows? Don't worry about it and enjoy your break why you get stronger.

  2. I think it's great to focus on cross training for 2 weeks, it will give your body and mind a little break and you will come back stronger! :) Don't worry about the followers, I enjoy reading your blog :)

  3. I always wonder for a second when I notice I lost a "follower" too. I try to go through my list of blogs I follow every so often and drop a few I don't get to any more and I always feel a little guilty for costing someone a follower!

  4. ill try following u 3 times to make up for the 2 loosers....i mean people that unfollowed u! lol

    take some time to rest. do yoga and stretch and sleep in. and after 2 weeks hopefully u will b better.

    take it easy and if after 2 weeks it still hurts, pls go see a doctor. i really regret not going back in ocotber, but i am now.

    good luck. try to not go crazy during ur running hiatus!


  5. I lost one today, too!

    Take it easy and rest up that knee. I look forward to following your new workouts and future running plans!

  6. I'm still following you! :-)

    I like your plan. Maybe this is just what you need!

  7. bike, bike, bike...it is great for the knees.


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