Monday, August 1, 2011

"Dang! You smell like Icy Hot!"

This weekend long run didn't happened. I did a lot of cross-training in the form of yard work.  
We went to our house in Ruston, Louisiana to do yard work and to check on the remodeling work.

I was responsible for raking up all the pine cones.

Gloves make me hot. Taking a little break. 
While hanging my gloves up, I spotted a nest in the tree.

You guys probably know that mosquitoes simply adore me. 
So, I dabbed Icy Hot all over my limbs, hoping the menthol smell will deter them from eating me up.
I walked past my boyfriend who was pulling weeds and he said, "Dang! You smell like Icy Hot!"

Here are some pictures of the interior of the house.
We have new walls, new paint, new floors.

It's crazy that August is already here.
I'm thinking I will do my long run today or tomorrow, and resume training. 
What fun things did you do this weekend?
What are your goals for the grand month of August?
Tell me! 

P.S.: And yes... I am just one follower shy of 100. 


  1. So, does Icy Hot work? Mosquitos love me and nothing seems to work!

  2. Did it work? I'm constantly covered in OFF because the dang mosquitoes sneak into my house when I'm letting the dogs in and out. It's a war zone and so far they are winning! :(

  3. Those floors look great! And icy hot really isn't the worst thing a runner could smell like.... :-)

  4. The house looks great! Congrats!

    As for August... I dunno. My plan was to run one organized race a month for 12 months. I was clicking along beautifully and August was to be the 12th month. But I can't find a race in my area. Blast!

    So I think I'll make a commitment to read 3 books on running (reading "A Few Degrees From Hell: 2003 Badwater Ultramarathon" right now)and clock my first 13+ run. We'll see how it goes.

    Happy August!!!

  5. The house looks great - I love the floors! And, yes...did the icy hot work?

  6. So close to 100, awesome!
    I'm curious about the Icy Hot too--did it work?

  7. Ugh. I hate mosquitoes, but they LOVE me. I am reinvesting myself in the 30 minutes for me challenge. 30 minutes of exercise every day this month! Wanna join?

  8. i hate mosquitos too and they also love me! hahha
    it sucks. i got bit really bad this weekend!

    and u should join teh 30 minute for 30 days, like amy said!

    oh and im gonna post a tempo workout for u on facebooK! enjoy! and sorry in advance!


  9. Love, love, the floors. I am an Off gal myself when it comes to mosquitoes. August goals: complete my 2nd triathlon and beat my previous times. Biggest goal is to improve on the bike. Crossing my fingers it is not too hot/humid on race day.
    Good luck with your long run!

  10. Love the new place!!! You guys are doing an amazing job with the renovation :)

  11. Wow, the house looks awesome! Great floors! Did your Icy Hot work? I bet you got a good workout.


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